IHEC 2017
IHEC 2017

The 2nd International Higher Education Studies Conference (IHEC 2017) aims to promote collaboration, share and discuss emerging practices, trends, research findings, and theoretical perspectives in the context of today’s higher education. IHEC puts a particular emphasis on macro policies, models, reform initiatives, and method suggestions with regard to changing demands, opportunities, expectations, and problems in the direction, role, and organization of Higher Education in the world and in Turkey.

The conference theme for this year is “Reconsidering World-class University: Global university rankings, academic excellence, policy borrowing and national relevancy”.

Conference Topics

  • World-Class University and Alternative Models
  • Global University Rankings
  • Academic Excellence
  • Internationalization of Higher Education, Policy Borrowing and National Relevancy
  • Quality in Higher Education
  • Access in Higher Education
  • Equity and Equality in Higher Education
  • Finance in Higher Education
  • Privatization of Higher Education
  • Higher Education and Economic Development
  • Partnerships in Higher Education and Competition
  • University and Social Responsibility

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