IHEC 2017

Higher Education Studies Association (HESA)

Higher Education Studies Association (HESA) was founded in October 2015. HESA aims to fulfill a variety of roles within higher education field, so the aims of HESA include but not limited to conducting scholarly research at both national and international level, providing an alternative mechanism for sharing knowledge about similar interests, providing an alternative way for collecting and disseminating information, and sharing and discussing emerging practices, trends, research findings, and theoretical perspectives in academic settings such as conferences, congresses, panels, symposiums, seminars, and workshops.

IHEC 2017 will be its biggest event. The board members and the other members in the association work in the field of higher education as academicians and/or administrators. The board members were also in the IHEC 2015 Organizing Committee and/or Academic Advisory Committee.

İstanbul Kültür University (IKU)

Istanbul Kültür University (IKU) was established in accordance with the Law no. 4281 as a foundation university having the title of “Public Entity” on 15 July 1997. IKU provides college education pursuant to the Law on Higher Education 2547 and is entitled to all the rights and benefits of a state university. Republic of Turkey and Turkish Nation’s attaining the constant aim of “reaching the level of contemporary civilizations” can only be ensured by providing the youth with a quality education regardless of their age. In this regard, the main goal of Istanbul Kültür University is to offer a quality higher education. IKU is administered by the Board of Trustees composed of people having the qualifications of educators as well as experience.

IKU academic staff is distinguished, efficient and creative. Despite the fact that IKU is a brand new institution, with this academic staff, IKU ranked among the first half of universities in 1998; and among the top ten universities in 1999 in terms of the number of academic articles per instructor published in recognized academic journals designated by the evaluation commission assigned by the Interuniversity Committee. 

In the 2014-2015 academic year, 10743 students have studied at 24 Departments in seven Faculties, 18 Programs in three Vocational Schools of Higher Education, and 11 PhD and 37 Masters Programs in two Institutes at IKU. A total of 611 instructors, 383 full-time and 228 part-time instructors have lectured. Students/instructors ratio at IKU is 11. Courses and practical applications are conducted in small groups by enabling active involvement of the students.

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